Hey guys, thank you for considering my services, I aim to provide the best quality service and make you look and feel like a Goddess.

Please take time to read the policies before you book.

  • Please note some hairstyles may take longer than estimated depending on length and thickness of hair. We advise to avoid booking on days you have other activities scheduled.
  • Please note the price listed does not include hair. Hair can be provided at a price or you can drop off your own hair a few days before your appointment. Please do not bring the hair on the day of the appointment as I need to prep the hair in advance.
  • You must be over 15.
  • Your hair must be freshly washed, product-free and fully detangled. Lack of preparation may cause delays or lead to your deposit being forfeited.
  • Hair length can not be under 2 inches. Hair length under 4 inches will result in a £10 charge.
  • Please come by yourself, extra guests are not welcome.
  • Cancellations must be made within 24 hours of deposit being paid. After 24 hours deposit will not be refunded.
  • Please come on time. If you are late you will be charged £5 late fee. If you are over 1 hour late your appointment will be cancelled.
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How Many People?

Maximum capacity is 1
Tape-Ins Installation £100
Wig Installation
4 Services
Frontal Installation £50
Closure Installation £30
Frontal Re-installation £35
Closure Re-installation £15
Bridal hair
2 Services
Ponytail + Bridal styling
Wig Install + Bridal styling
1 Services
Box Braids
3 Services
Small Box Braids
Medium Box Braids
Large Box Braids
Knotless Braids
3 Services
Small Knotless Braids
Medium Knotless Braids
Large Knotless Braids
Goddess Braids
3 Services
Small Goddess Braids
Medium Goddess Braids
Large Goddess Braids
Passion Braids
1 Services
Large Passion Braids
Passion Twists
3 Services
Small Passion Twists
Medium Passion Twist
Large Passion Twists
Regular Twists
3 Services
Small Twists
Large Twists
Medium Twists
Faux Locs
3 Services
Small Faux Locs
Medium Faux Locs
Large Faux Locs
Butterfly Locs
3 Services
Small Butterfly Locs
Medium Butterfly Locs
Large Butterfly Locs
Goddess Faux locs
3 Services
Small Goddess Faux Locs
Medium Goddess Faux Locs
Large Goddess Faux Locs
Soft Locs
3 Services
Small Soft Locs
Medium Soft Locs
Large Soft Locs
15 Services
Medium Stitch Braids
Small Stitch Braids
Large Stitch Braids
Small All-back Cornrows
Small Fulani Braids
Medium Fulani Braids
Large Fulani Braids
Small Lemonade Braids
Medium Fulani Braids
Large Fulani Braids
Small Lemonade Braids
Medium Lemonade Braids
Large Lemonade Braids
Small Wig-Cornrows
Medium Wig-Cornrows
Half up Half down Feed-In braids
2 Services
Half up Half down feed-ins
Passion Twists X Stitch Braids
Silk Press
2 Services
Straight Silk Press - £50
Wavy Silk Press - £55
Sleek Ponytail
1 Services
High Ponytail - 50


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